Black pomfret green masala curry

Halwyache hirva kaalvan

Maharashtra is a state in India. This is an authentic Maharashtrian style fish 🐟 curry . It is not orange or yellow but green in colour. Halwa is the word used for black pomfret. Can be eaten with rice. Made by me. Yummy!

Indian veg meal combo(veg thali)

Indian veg meal combo for lunch or dinner
Garlic and lentil curry(lasooni dal tadka)
Potato and green peas curry(Aloo matar sabzi)
Carrot 🥕 and beans dry vegetable(carrot beans poriyal)
Cumin flavoured rice(jeera rice)
Indian flat bread (chapati )
Sweet dish made with rice ,milk 🥛 and dry fruits(Rice payasam or kheer)

All made by me.. yummy!

Fenugreek paratha, bottlegourd sabzi and 🍅 tomato chutney

This is methi ka paratha with lauki ki sabzi and tamatar ki chutney.

Fenugreek flat bread is an Indian dish made by rolling wheat flour dough and Fenugreek leaves alongwith spices and salt and frying it on a pan. Tomato chutney is a tangy accompaniment for the parathas.